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October 25-26, 2023

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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

11:00 A.M.

Armchair Chat: Patrick Straw, CANASA & Neil Sutton, SP&T News

Patrick Straw, Executive Director of the Canadian Security Association, and Neil Sutton, Editor of SP&T News, discuss some of the latest developments across the security industry and CANASA, including educational opportunities at Ontario colleges, recent updates to the Alarm Technician Course, new memberships, relationships with AHJs and much more.

Neil Sutton

Editor, SP&T News, Annex Business Media

Neil Sutton joined the SP&T News team in 2007, managing the publication’s digital presence as online editor. In 2011, he took over management of Annex Business Media’s security group portfolio as editor of Canadian Security, SP&T News, and French-language publication Securite Quebec. Neil currently oversees the editorial direction for all three brands, managing print publications, websites, social media, award programs, video content, podcasts, in-person events and now virtual events. A business media journalist for more than 20 years, Neil was previously the editor of and holds an MA in journalism from Western University.

Patrick Straw

Executive Director, Canadian Security Association (CANASA)

Patrick is proud to be the Executive Director of the Canadian Security Association. After 33 years working in security integration as a Senior Sales Manager, Patrick took over the role at the association almost 4 years ago. Patrick has extensive experience in the intrusion business, including monitoring, as well as all other technologies sold in the Canadian market. Patrick is currently an associate member of SIA in the United States as well as TMA, The Monitoring Association. Patrick communicates on a daily basis with the Canadian security industry from coast to coast.

12:00 P.M.

Video Evidence 2023: What's New?

A brief summary and update of recent Canadian civil and criminal cases dealing with the admissibility and weight of surveillance video evidence.

Elliott Goldstein

Lawyer and Legal Author, The Law Office of Elliott Goldstein

Elliott Goldstein is an Ontario lawyer who consults with the security industry. Called to the Ontario Bar in 1988, he practices law in the GTA and his office is in Newmarket.

Before entering law school in Saskatchewan in 1979, Mr. Goldstein did professional photography. He combined his study of the law with his interest in videography and had published, in 1981, an article on the use of videotape present evidence in Canadian civil and criminal courts. Elliott wrote the “CCTV and the Law” column for Canadian Security Magazine for many years.

In 1991, Elliott authored Visual Evidence: A Practitioner’s Manual, a 3 volume legal book now published by Thomson-Reuters, and updated twice yearly. It has been quoted in numerous reported Canadian law cases.

Elliott taught the law of crime scene videography for the Applied Forensic Videography Course at the Ontario Police College from 2006 to 2019. Mr. Goldstein served as a Deputy Judge of the Ontario Small Claims Court for 11 years and retired from that court in 2021.

1:00 P.M.

Updates on Monitoring Station Best Practices Guide

Providing an update on new sections for the Best Practice Guide.

  • Environmental Resources
  • Redundancy
  • Clearing Houses
  • Cyber Security

Shelley McQuigge

Quality Control Manager-Monitoring Operations, Paladin Technologies

Shelley began her career in the security industry in July of 2006 as an operator. Over the last 17 years, she has filled numerous roles such as trainer, back up supervisor, supervisor, and 10 years as manager of some Central Stations. Since January 2023, Shelley has been the Quality Control Manager for the Monitoring division for Paladin Technologies. She contributes to the industry by sharing her best practices. 

2:00 P.M.

Interconnected Future: The Convergence of Building Security, Management, and Energy Systems

Join us for a captivating 15-minute journey into the future of building systems where silos are being torn down and innovation is leading the way. We’ll dive into the evolving landscapes of Building Security Systems (BSS), Building Management Systems (BMS), and Energy Management Systems (EMS), highlighting how they are steadily merging to form an integrated, smart, and sustainable system.

Discover how the traditional mechanisms of building security are shifting towards IT-friendly realms, weaving together sophisticated surveillance, access control, and data analysis into a cohesive unit. As we delve into this convergence, we’ll explore real-world examples demonstrating the astounding benefits of this integration: from heightened efficiency to cost reduction, improved security, and above all, sustainability.

Martin Fransham

Canadian Multi-Systems Architect, Schneider Electric

Martin Fransham is an esteemed Canadian Multi-Systems Architect with a notable career spanning over 16 years in the construction and intelligent building industry. He embarked on his journey in 2007, gaining valuable knowledge and expertise in the sector. In 2010, Martin pivoted towards Intelligent Buildings, becoming a pioneer in wireless Zigbee and EnOcean technologies.

Martin has tirelessly pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in intelligent buildings, continuously seeking opportunities to merge technology and architecture in groundbreaking ways. His profound understanding of both construction and smart technologies, coupled with a vision to create more efficient, sustainable, and intelligent buildings, positions him as a leading voice in the industry.

3:00 P.M.

The Silent Space That We Need To Embrace

Danielle Weddepohl, AVP

Safety and Emergency Management, Sheridan College

As security practitioners, we become accustomed to engaging in constant and multiple communications streams, intricate projects, ever-evolving infrastructure enhancements and the continuous management of incidents. Add to this emergencies that punctuate “routine days”. We find normalcy in this state, and less so when there is a break in activity. This presentation will provide practical post-management and self-care tips for individuals and security teams following both small and large-scale security incidences.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

11:00 A.M.

Emerging Trends in Cloud based Access Control & Video Management

New SaaS based technologies are disrupting the world of security integration. New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, and demand for a more holistic solution, are making end users more aspirational. Cloud based solutions not only simplify and modernize user experience but also offer a great opportunity for integrators to grow their RMR sales while delivering a Cybersecure solution. Cloud based systems are better positioned to incorporate new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, third party integrations, and smart analytics. CTOs and facility managers want security systems to be aligned with their cloud migration strategy, and to seamlessly fit into their new IT ecosystem.

Praveen Dixit

Regional Sales Manager, Brivo Inc.

Praveen Dixit works as Regional Sales Manager – Eastern Canada at Brivo Inc. Brivo is the world’s leading manufacturer of cloud based access control for commercial as well as multifamily verticals. Praveen has an educational background in electronics engineering and business management. He has over 20 years of technology consulting and business development work experience. He specializes in point of sale, access control, and video management solutions. Praveen has been working in the Canadian security market for over 10 years with exposure to both the integration and manufacturing sides of businesses.

12:00 P.M.

Pure Cloud Architecture for VSaaS Business Model

In this short presentation, Katherine explores the challenges faced by organizations with traditional on-premise video surveillance approaches and how Pure Cloud architecture in conjunction with the Video Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSaaS) business model could address these challenges. The public cloud not only introduced scalable resources on demand but also allowed the outsourcing of the full product ecosystem, including reliability, security, compliance, management, and many other concerns. Learn more by attending the session.

Katherine Balabanova

CRO/Board Director, 3dEYE Inc.

Katherine Balabanova is a highly accomplished professional currently serving as the CRO and Board Director at 3dEYE Inc. In this role, she is responsible for developing and executing revenue-generating strategies, overseeing sales, marketing, and customer success teams, identifying new business opportunities, and ensuring the company meets its revenue targets while staying on the strategic course. Prior to joining 3dEYE, Katherine held the position of the Executive Director for the Canada Eurasia Chamber of Commerce (formerly CERBA) in Toronto. During her 12-year tenure, she worked closely with regional directors across Canada and Eurasia to provide Canadian companies with a competitive advantage in those markets. Katherine has a diverse background in marketing and communications, business, philology and lexicology. She holds an MBA from The Open University, UK. Katherine is recognized for her expertise in diplomacy, international relations, business intelligence, global investment, marketing strategy, and international trade.

1:00 P.M.

Cloud, Automation, AI - Let’s Chat

Let’s chat about the powerful combination of cloud, automation, and AI. We’ll discuss how cloud solutions help deliver more value through continuous delivery of innovation, automated maintenance, and easier feature adoption. We’ll then take a look at advancements in automation and AI. Together, these innovations are notably enhancing security operations and processes.

Nada Ebeid

Regional Director, Signature Brands, Genetec

As the Director of Signature Brands in Canada for Genetec, Nada Ebeid oversees the market growth for the Financial and Banking sector, as well as the Buildings & Industrial sectors, including Property Management & Construction, Industrial & Manufacturing and Healthcare. She’s responsible for helping customers see their security installations as an investment rather than an expense, and empowering them to leverage their security systems to other areas of their businesses.

2:00 P.M.

Unlocking the Code: Navigating Building Regulations and Best Practices for Pedestrian Turnstiles Use in Canada

This presentation delves into the intricate world of building regulations and best practices governing pedestrian turnstiles in Canada, offering an in-depth overview of essential codes, including the National Building Code of Canada, the Ontario Building Code, and the CAN/ULC-S533 standard. We’ll cover everything from defining turnstiles as obstacles to identifying emergency egress requirements and what to look for. Witness how these codes directly impact turnstile installations through real-life examples. With our guidance, you’ll gain crucial insights into successfully navigating these codes to comply with regulations, prioritize safety, and enhance efficiency. Discover the key to successfully implementing turnstiles in accordance with Canadian building regulations. Take advantage of this exciting chance to expand your knowledge and expertise. Come and participate in a session that will provide you with valuable insights and resources to decipher the code, navigate building regulations, and install pedestrian turnstiles that comply with standards while prioritizing user safety in the Canadian security environment.

Colin Wright

Solution Architect and Sales Channel Manager, Smarter Security

With over 15 years of experience in strategic business development within the Security Industry, Colin Wright is a seasoned professional consultant. His expertise lies in the transportation sector and cutting-edge technologies, which has been leveraged by Smarter Security for the past decade. Colin has successfully managed sales channels and raised end-user awareness throughout Canada. He is skilled in advanced solutions design and business architecture for both security and IT organizations due to his background in Information Technology (IT). Colin has a wealth of experience, including owning an Internet software development company, serving in executive positions within the Federal Government overseeing the implementation of advanced IT solutions, and holding directorial roles at Bell Canada and Nortel. As a highly sought-after speaker and consultant, Colin offers exceptional insights to enhance security measures and harness emerging technologies. Audiences can expect Colin’s captivating expertise and strategic guidance to leave a lasting impact on their organization’s security measures.