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Toronto, ON
October 23-24, 2024

Free to all security industry professionals.

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The Security Canada Central trade show is synonymous with innovation and cutting-edge security technology. Join us at Security Canada Central on October 23 and 24 and come face-to-face with the companies that are changing the face of Canada’s security industry.

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Wide Selection of Top Brands
Working with more than 700 leading suppliers, we research, select and source the latest products. This ensures our customers have access to the newest technologies and largest selection of security and low-voltage products.


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Founded in 2015, AETEK focus on user-friendly & all-in-one PoE solutions, saving time and cost for users. We have products of diverse designs, ranging from powerful bt PoE switches to ceiling-mount switches and more. The L2 PRO switches empowered with unparallelled NTS better up user experience.

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IXG-DM7-HID IP Video Entrance Station

  • With any building or parking garage, security starts at the entrance
  • The IXG-DM7-HID IP Video Entrance Station is the first product your customers will want to know about
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NVR is a network video recorder for home and office video surveillance. You can connect third-party IP cameras to the device.

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For building managers, one of the most effective ways to remain compliant with ASME 17.1 guidelines is to invest in an adaptable elevator communication system that prioritizes reliability and accessibility for users and building staff alike – Commend’s communication solution meets the criteria.
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Wireless Door/Window and Water Sensors for any alarm system application. The system consists of a wired +12VDC receiver and battery-powered wireless sensors, which allow any conventional alarm or keypad that accepts low-voltage dry contact inputs, to add Water Detection & additional Doors.

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Eagle Eye Smart Video Search, Eagle Eye Camera Direct, Eagle Eye QL Stream, Eagle Eye License Plate Recognition

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An innovative fiber optic solutions company, Fiber Connections delivers scalable and adaptable PoE extension and power/data distribution by using an hybrid power/fiber. The Chameleon System featuring the GatorLink overcomes the PoE distance limitations of standard installations.

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HID Mobile Access® creates opportunities for building tenants to use their phone or wearable to access places, spaces, and systems. In a mobile-first world, this trusted technology is a key component in operational efficiency, digital transformation, sustainability as well as occupant engagement.

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The i3 Host solution by i3 International, like Microsoft 365’s unified approach, integrates security tools for streamlined control over users, servers, live video streaming, and NVR management. It centralizes security management, enhancing efficiency for businesses.

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Electronic security including access control, cable, power, CCTV, accessories and associated mechanical hardware.

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Inovonics Security Cloud Services is a purpose-built IP platform that leverages the dependable 900MHz wireless hardware you know and trust from Inovonics, combined with comprehensive software functionality. We offer API access or a powerful notification engine as a stand-alone system.

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The new X-series camera line supports AI on-site learning of custom, user-defined objects with advanced analytics and adds AI capabilities to traditional non-AI cameras. With up to nine AI applications and the highest level of cybersecurity, it is the most powerful AI camera to date from i-PRO.

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Milestone XProtect Video Management Software

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  • Video Surveillance/Video Security
  • Access Control
  • Video Analytics
  • Body-Worn Cameras
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Two-way portable and Mobile Radios
  • Private Broadband
  • Dispatch Management
  • Incident Response
  • Cybersecurity services

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OpenEye’s cloud cameras deliver an all-in-one video solution with onboard recording and analytics, providing the benefits of OWS in a scalable form.

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•   PoE Switches and Power Supplies

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The new AVA3.1 and AVA2.1 are designed to be mounted “Behind the TV”. These new amps have an HDMI Arc that allows for seamless integration with virtually any TV. The amps provide power to any LCR passive SoundBars or LCR in-wall speaker setup. A Subwoofer pre-amp allows for an active sub to be added.

Booth #431

The “SmartBridge” is a plug-in interface software product allowing Protech’s detection devices (Maxibus or G-FENCE 2400) to signal alarm events to compatible VMS such as Genetec, Milestone, Avigilon, ExacqVision and Luxriot.

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Unlock robust data protection with QNAP’s NAS: Secure, smart storage for surveillance, data backup, and network security. Elevate your security strategy and ensure seamless access with our cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled support and service.

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For a large variety of clients, from government and financial institutions to universities and leading social networks. Our rich feature set allows us to tailor our offerings for specific requirements. With interconnected product lines, we can effectively address a wide spectrum of needs.

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EFOY Pro Fuel Cells are intelligent power generators that can monitor a battery’s charge status and recharge it automatically. For a turnkey mobile platform our EFOY ProTrailer combines cutting-edge EFOY fuel cell technology with solar power, offering a reliable solution for industrial applications.

Booth #229

Smarter Security presents the Fastlane® Interlock, a cutting-edge dual barrier turnstile meticulously crafted for high-security environments to stop tailgating and unauthorized entry. It offers single or multiple authentication methods to guarantee authorized access, preventing collusion attempts.

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Booth #641

Manage your customer’s sites remotely while earning recurring monthly revenue with Speco’s SecureGuard® Dashboard! Introducing our recently launched Central Management Dashboard, which provides you with the capability to remotely oversee your install applications.

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Booth #921

TAG Dispatch is a Licensed Guard Agency utilizing advanced technology to provide unparalleled and guaranteed alarm response solutions to Canadian Dealers. TAG’s optimized processes are integrated with Google to offer the most efficient, transparent and documented Visual Incident Reporting available!

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Booth #726

TOA is proud to showcase our IP-A1 Series! A serverless audio management system, the IP-A1 Series utilizes SIP protocol and devices to deliver a fully integrated and scalable paging solution, capable of flexible configurations for facility-wide coverage. For more info, check us out at booth 726.

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Elevate your power management with TRENDnet’s 6-Outlet Managed Rackmount PDU, model TPI-06. The PDU offers smart controls, better organization, and more efficient power distribution in both professional and home environments. Easy remote management is available through TRENDnet Hive.

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LONGSPAN Max XT is our high-power long-distance Ethernet transmission extender supporting the 802.3bt standard. It is a reliable outdoor solution for unrestricted 100Base-TX up to 820 metres on standard network cable. This IP66/67 unit supports 71 watts POE for IP devices up to 200 metres.

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We’re demonstrating our newest IP KVM & video wall control solutions. Witness how operators easily control sources on their station and video wall with one keyboard & mouse. Plus, we use the same hardware and software for both video wall processing and KVM management. Check out PAK nodes & TRx software in action.

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The TEIV-1+ Keypad Intercom enables a user to input a PIN (up to 6 digits) and provides a simple, yet secure, access control feature. The keypad can also be used by visitors to dial the directory number of an intercom within the building or use the scroll keys to look up a contact in the address book.