Security Canada Central

Toronto Congress Centre
Toronto, ON
October 25-26, 2023

Booth Selection FAQs

Q: Why do the floor plans appear different from last year?

A: In some cases it is because we have changed facilities. For Security Canada Central it is because the larger exhibits at the front have not yet been drawn in. The plans will all be reposted on the show web site the first week of February after they have been updated.

Q: Why do the front booths sell out quickly?

A: The front booths have traditionally been pre-sold to the same Exhibitors every year as we attempt to give the previous year’s Exhibitors first right of negotiation on the space they had the year before. Because the front booths are the largest and the floor plan evolves from how they are set up, it is normal practice in managing trade shows to confirm the largest Exhibitors prior to designing show floor plans. Also, 50% of the contracts received request the front space, roughly a 10 to 1 ratio, so they sell out quickly.

Q: I exhibited last year, can I have my same booth this year?

A: We make every effort to give the previous year’s Exhibitor’s first right of negotiation on the space they had the year before, until January 31st, if the floor plan allows. If the floor plan varies too much from the previous year we will conduct a space draw. Booth space will be assigned by show management in consideration of the following:

  1. Membership in CANASA,
  2. number of booths requested,
  3. prior history of exhibiting, and
  4. date application with full payment is received by CANASA. It is important that you forward your completed contract with payment to us as soon as possible.

Q: Can I pick a booth other than the location I had last year?

A: You can request any booth space. However, we cannot confirm its availability until the deadline has passed for last year’s Exhibitors to confirm their interest in the same space. This deadline occurs each year on January 31. Please submit your contract with full payment as soon as possible. Please indicate on the contract your preference for the new location and that in the event it is unavailable you want your previous year’s location.

Q: I want to pay by cheque but the processing time will delay my contract.

A: Please forward your completed contract with credit card information and a note stating a cheque will follow. We will wait 3 weeks to allow the cheque to arrive before processing the payment.