Security Canada East

Sheraton Laval

Laval, Quebec

April 24, 2024

Submit Your Featured Product or Service

Do you have new and exciting information to share about your company’s featured products or services? Our Featured Products & Services Program helps you share that news with existing and potential buyers. Your listing is free and is a great way to help yourself stand out in a competitive marketplace.

To participate, simply complete the information below and upload your company logo and an image of your one special product or service. We ask that you provide a short summary of only that ONE product or service that makes your organization distinctive to buyers. If you have a special promotion or discount for your featured product or service, be sure to include those details, too!

To ensure your entry is accepted, please make specific reference to the ONE product or service you plan to showcase at Security Canada Trade Shows this year – do not provide just general information about your company. We’ll feature your entry on the Security Canada 2024 website and in our email marketing campaign. Promotion will be based on properly completed entries. Listings will be shown alphabetically by company name.

We look forward to helping you promote your upcoming exhibit.

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